SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. That basically means optimizing your content so the search engines (being the most common google) rank your website in a better position, so the user will see it first and more likely to click on it.

How do we do it? We need to understand not just the search engine, also your content AND your goals. To make it simple, now that we understand those factors, we work with keywords that are being looked for on Google, to optimize your content and put it on the 1st page.

web key

Research your keyword and choose a target that you can rank on.

Use that keyword in your website’s content, on posts, on video tags, to help your site to achieve a better position.

Link to yourself, if 2 posts have something in common, you can link them so the user find more information about it and you keep its attention.


Be a good contributor to the community and link to other pages, make sure that they have information that can complement your posts, so, in the future, the users that got to that page will likely come to your site.

Keep getting a better rank on the Search Engine.

We have multiple plan based on your needs:

Basic Plan

Know the general SEO score of your website, and detect problems.

-SEO optimization On page: website adjusts to bring more traffic and rank in a better position.

-Study of the SEO from your competitors.

-Implementation of Google Analytics and indexing of all the urls of the site.

$150 USD

Full Plan

 Basic Plan (included)

-Interlinking strategy (Linking 2 or more pages on the same site).

-Local SEO optimization.

-Editorial calendar.

-Monthly results report.

-2 articles of value for the user with images and +500 words.

$250 USD

Premium Plan

Full Plan (included)

-2 articles of value for the user with images and +750 words.
(Combined on 2 languages: english and spanish).

-Creation of Google Business account.

-Hotjar integration with up until 2,000 site views for day to map the “Heat zones” and videos with website interactions.

$500 USD

PRO Plan

Premium Plan (included)

-Creation of graphic and media content for each article. (1 infography or 1 animated video for article).

-Seo for Youtube ranking: thumbnail redesign, keywords and titles. (4 videos each month).

$700 USD

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